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In Hagastaden, thousands of dwellings and workplaces will merge into a modern, dense urban district, full of life and movement. For residents, the area will be marked by its metropolitan character and proximity to the city centre, but also by the adjacent calm of Hagaparken.

When completed, 6,000 dwellings and 50,000 workplaces will be comprised in the new urban district. The dense city structure provides access to good transport links and proximity to downtown Stockholm. It is also close to schools, services and green spaces. The area is due for completion in 2025.

Parts of Hagastaden are being built on top of existing roads. By placing segments of the European highway E4/E20 and the Värtabanan railway in tunnels, the landscape can be developed and thus transformed into a vibrant area that will serve as home and workplace to thousands of people. The tunnel project is being carried out by the Swedish Transport Administration, in conjunction with the City of Stockholm. The highway tunnels were completed in 2016 and the railway tunnel will be completed in 2018. Thereafter construction above ground can start.

The City of Stockholm is continually designating land in Hagastaden. The first apartments will be ready for occupation during 2017. On the Solna side of Hagastaden, the Stockholm County Council will develop the existing hospital grounds, dubbed Northern Hagastaden, into an attractive urban environment with business and research linked to the life science industry, and also 3,000 new dwellings. The work to develop Northern Hagastaden is due to begin in 2017.

For enquiries and applications for residential and commercial buildings, please contact each developer directly.
Einar Mattsson
Ikano Bostad
Oscar Properties
Veidekke Bostad
Erik Wallin