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Health and quality of life is an increasingly important focus area and ongoing research projects to find new medical and technological solutions that can improve our lives are carried out worldwide. This discipline is called life science and aims to improve lives and health. In Hagastaden, the Stockholm region gains an opportunity to become a world leader in this field.

For those who work or study, Hagastaden will offer an innovative and international research and working environment. Three prominent universities – Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology – are located within approximately 1 km from Hagastaden.

A new and modern university hospital – New Karolinska Solna – will become a hub of healthcare, research and academia. It will also contribute to the vision to develop the Stockholm as one of the world’s leading areas for life science. The new hospital is due to open in 2016 and will be fully operational in 2018.

Karolinska Institutet, together with Akademiska Hus, is carrying out a major investment in new buildings at Campus Solna Hagastaden, in order to better meet the needs of research and academia. Aula Medica is a spectacular building with an auditorium for 1,000 people, completed in 2013. The Widerström Building facility provide opportunities for public health activities and the Gamma buidling holds laboratory and office space for research in medicine and biotechnology. Biomedicum will become a highly specialised laboratory, developed with specific focus on experimental medical research.

Stockholm Science City Foundation (SSCi) aim to strengthen the attractive environment for life sciences in Stockholm. SSCi promote collaboration between the universities in Stockholm, industry and healthcare to foster development of socially beneficial and profitable innovations such as products and services.

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