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Hagastaden is characterised by its proximity to academia, world leading research and entrepreneurial companies. Students and researchers from around the world will live and work in the area. Knowledge and health are central themes, as well as attractive meeting places and green spaces for recreation and leisure. The mix of housing, workplaces, schools and institutions will require access to services of all kinds.

When the new urban district is completed, there will be approximately 50,000 workplaces in the area: in private and public services, and within a variety of industries and service areas. Businesses and institutions active within the life science industry may receive business related advice within the Stockholm Science City Foundation joint collaboration, and anyone who works in Hagastaden will have good opportunities for collaboration with academia, business and healthcare. Hagastaden will have a denser and higher building infrastructure than what is currently common in Stockholm cityscape.

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Per JutnerEinar Mattsson, 08-586 263 40
Bengt ÖquistIkano Bostad, 08-675 02 83
Anders TengbomOscar Properties, 070-2972900
Britta BlaxhultVeidekke Bostad, 08-635 61 85